Hip #2, 6-Week Anniversary

This morning I had my 6-week follow up with Davis. He was in one of his vintage suits with a very cool pair of shoes–such a dapper guy! I showed him my one-legged balances and demonstrated the difference between my right and left legs. I can easily hold a balance in any direction on my left leg (Hip #2), but I can’t stand on my right leg (Hip #1) and extend my left leg behind me. As soon as I try to extend out, my IT band hits the cerclage cable (zip tie) and gives out. I told him the PT’s and I discovered that when I do one-legged strength exercises, I’m stronger on Hip #2 and Hip #1 is atrophying. I asked to have the cable removed, if at my annual follow up in September, I am still having the same problems and cannot restore the strength and balance in my right leg. He agreed and said he would document it. He said, “If it really bothers you over the summer, let us know and we can schedule you for surgery to remove it.”

I am relieved that this didn’t require a fight, but wonder what the insurance company will say? Most of it will be on me, due to our high-deductible plan, so hopefully they won’t object. I’m certain at this point that if this doesn’t improve significantly by September, I want that cable out!

Overall, I told Davis, I am so thrilled with what they have done! I feel like I am structurally strong and balanced and I am having no other issues. This recovery is so much faster than the last one, and I’m very grateful for that.  They did an awesome job! I made sure he knew that I have never questioned the need for the cable and I’m glad they made the call they did, it has just been a sucky recovery because my muscles don’t like it. Fortunately, that is fixable.

This week I continued to make progress. I was able to walk a mile a few times, and I got up to 750 meters in the pool! My usual is 1000, so I’m pretty darn close already! My next goal is to work up to 2 miles and get back out to my favorite Hemlock Grove. My yoga and Tai Chi practices are getting back on track, except for those one-legged holds and strength moves on the right side. My flexibility is returning quickly, including being able to cross the left leg over my midline into a supine twist. Yay! That always helps my back release tension and it feels so good!

At this point, my restrictions are all officially lifted, so I can play at will and see what my body tells me. This is always a fun day! Last time I was still limping and experiencing pain, especially with walking very far and trying to go up stairs. This time, I have none of these issues. This is what I’d expected at this point last time. I remember Davis telling me it would come in 7-12 months and not to worry. I’m so grateful to be this good already, to not have to go through 7 months of painful frustration.

My annual follow-up is scheduled for September 18th. At that appointment, we will decide on the cable removal. If we decide to do it, I think I’ll aim for later October, before the holidays and after camping season. I don’t want to miss another summer and I’m good enough to get out there now! So, onwards and outwards into the world!

I will continue to do at least a monthly post for the next year, so my hip readers can see how things evolve over time.

3 thoughts on “Hip #2, 6-Week Anniversary

  1. Marlene Williamson

    Wonderful news about your right hip and the remarkable healing time. That is incredible! To be deemed “ready to go” after six weeks is fantastic! Of course, I’m so sorry about your having to have the zip tie removed, but I can certainly understand the necessity for that. You have a plan now and the option of doing this sooner, if need be. This summer WILL be much more pleasant! I’m so happy for you!!

  2. mariellen gilpin

    Yay, Rhonda! Keep on keepin’ on! I am glad the doc is supporting your view of your progress and the reasons for your slower progress on Hip One. A doc who listens is such a treasure! It’s clear you’re not slacking on the work necessary to get better. He’s listening to you at least partially because you’re working hard. I just love docs who subtly or not-so-subtly indicate you aren’t doing your part!

  3. Rhonda Ashurst Post author

    Thank you both for your these reflections and good wishes. I feel like the biggest part of my Hip Adventures are now behind me, and I’m moving on! Having the cable removed will be a fairly minor procedure by comparison. I’ll have to ask them if I can have it as a souvenir!

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