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A New Car for my New Hip

I went to the Physical Therapy Department at ROC for my pre-surgery assessment on August 8th. The PT went over all the restrictions I would have post surgery. I realized that for some time I would not be able to get in and out of my 2-door coupe, or operate the clutch. I love my old Chevy Cavalier. It has absolutely nothing automatic in it. You can’t get cars like it anymore. I went into denial for the next two weeks. Then, I figured I had to get a grip. I’m no longer a 2-door, sports coupe kinda gal. I have 2 hip replacements ahead of me and it’s time for a sensible set of wheels to drive them around in.

Scott and I started talking about what we might want and both were drawn to Subarus. We couldn’t decide if a Forester or an Outback would be better. Scott called his cousin, who has both models, to ask which they liked better. To his surprise, he caught Dean at a truck dealership about to trade in the Forester! He offered it to us for what the dealer had offered him, which was a steal when you consider what an awesome, fully loaded car this is and only a 2012. I’ve never owned anything this nice in my life.

We decided to take it and I went and picked it up on the 24th of August with our parents in tow. We made a day of it. I figured it was a car for all of us and we all needed to make sure we could get in and out of it. Plus, it’s always great to see Linda and Dean. The car was even nicer than I’d remembered. I was overcome with gratitude to have my problem solved in such a wonderful way, and not have to deal with dealers!

Here’s Blue, as I call her:

Then I had to decide what to do with my beloved Moxie. It occurred to me that the young man down the street had turned 15 and would soon be needing a car. I’ve watched him grow from this shy kid to a young man who will actually cross the street to say hi these days. I thought it would be sweet to know she was just down the street, and it would be a great car for him to learn in. His folks came by with him and we took a test drive. I’ll always remember the moment when he reached for a button to roll the window down and I had to explain what the hand crank was for. I realized he’d never seen one in his life! Today they came to pick her up. Here’s Trevor with his new ride:

So we’ve done the neighborhood car shuffle and we are all set–ready for our new adventures!