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4 Months Left Hip; 1 year Right

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve reached the one year mark with my right hip! Unfortunately, I am still struggling with that danged cerclage cable around the femur (aka The Zip Tie). I did a new video which demonstrates the problems I’m having functionally because of it. You can see it at this link:  Rhonda’s Hip Adventure Videos.

So, I went to see my surgeon for the one-year follow up appointment on September 18th. Both he and Davis watched me demonstrate for them what is on the video. Dr. Shukla had me stand next to him, so he could touch my thigh as I contracted my muscles. You can both hear and feel the snap of the muscles over the cable. I winced with the jolt this always gives me and he winced right along with me. I will always remember him looking up at me with his cherub face and telling me he was sorry, but he had to do it. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he understood how much pain and difficulty this cable has caused me over the year. I looked down and said, “I know you had to do it. We always agreed the structural integrity was the most important thing, and you nailed that. You told me the cable might bother me and if it did, we’d take it out. So, let’s just take it out.”

It was one of those sweet moments you never forget, when compassion shines through and you realize why you trust this man to help you function again with your legs under you and without pain. I know we are getting there. One last surgery to go. 

On October 31st (Halloween), they will take out the cable. It will be about a 20-minute operation. They will cut a 2-inch incision into the bottom of my current scar, part all the muscles to the bone, clip and remove the cable, and put me back together. I’ll have a different bandage this time that has a battery-operated catheter in it to remove fluids and help it heal faster. I’m looking forward to getting that thing out of there and seeing what I can do then!

Leftie is doing very well at four months, getting stronger and more flexible all the time. I occasionally get a little stiff and sore if I overdo, but mostly I can’t even tell I had a hip replacement on that side. I can’t wait to feel the same way on the right side!

Meeks Bay Trip

Last weekend, we went to Meeks Bay at North Lake Tahoe for a 4-day camping trip with our neighbors, Bruce and Peggy. It was beautiful! The temps got a little chilly at night, but thankfully Scott bought us a Little Buddy propane heater that made the inside of Pearl nice and toasty. This was our last camping trip of the season, which is always a bit sad, but what a way to end it! I was able to do a 2+ mile hike with them through the meadow which was lovely. We also met a new friend, Sandy, from Oregon who was camped next to us.

Sitting area in our camp site
Their tent trailer and Pearl snuggled in the trees
The Beach
View back into campground from the beach
Martinis to celebrate Bruce’s Birthday in real glasses!
The traditional trip to Garwoods for Wet Woody’s and delicious food!
Rhonda, Scott, Bruce and Peggy
Yoga and kayaks
Bruce, Peggy, Sandy and Scott standing under Pearl’s galley door
Kayaking in Tahoe